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We designed and made our own displays in our backyard

My name is Franklin. I decided to create this blog for two reasons: First, to show you who we are, and second, to share my personal experiences creating and innovating my own kiosk.

I originally come from Ecuador, where 80% of local people still use their hands to make their own tools and final pojects. (If you want to know more about Ecuador, I'll be creating a website were I will be posting pictures and videos about places you can visit. My wife and I own a tour bus in Ecuador where we can take you to specific places where you can experience all four seasons of the year in a few days).

I grew up in a poor family, but as time passed, I learned great skills from my family's own workshop. This step not only helped me to be creative, but also be more self-reliant. When what you have now is enough to start something big, all you need is your brain power and imagination.

To make this small project, first I started throwing out ideas and predesigning on CAD Solidworks software. This helped me to achieve my project faster before this winter season came. Basically, to make this project, I used mainly stainless steel, aluminum and acrylic for the sign doors.

Every year, I'm eager to impliment and add more tools as a tool fanatic. I'll be posting more pictures of my projects and tools that I use that were done by hand.

As you can see the pictures on this post, I made sure the structure not only has an aesthetic and simple (modern) design, but is also strong and versatile.

Any questions, please follow us on Facebook. Thanks again for reading my story, cheers.

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