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Updated: May 8, 2020

It all starts here; I used the Marvelous Designer Software to create the patterns so the master can make the most presice and correct cuts. The program offers powerful algorithms to make sure the sizing would be an accurate fit for most body types; however, our bodies are all different from each other, so it becomes a challenge to make everyone happy. That's the reason I used elastic ribbons and making sure it expands at leas one size up. My inspiration and design skills were rooted in my youth. I love creating designs that are simple yet modern. I care about details and follow the trends, which helps me to cater to peoples desires. You can also create your own style. Just remember, warm is warm. Canada goose is down filled. Urku is filled with wool.

Even if you follow trends, there is always a lot of room to work in new and innovative designs. In fashion, creativity is limitless, as with any other product you make. In this design, we are also adding extra strength nylon thread for the durability to be able to last years. Last year, I was in Vancouver, and I received a lot of feedback that helped. They wanted this jacket to be water and wind proof, so now Im confident that it can stand the crazy weather from Vancouver or Northern Alberta.

Here I am with the master cutting and taking long hours for making sure they follow the vision for my design. I also found new ideas along the way to improve upon my plan.

One of the things that made my trip more unique was to see the temples and learn their culture. I love peaceful places like this to meditate and have the time to pray, especially in these hard times in the world. I pray we all become more united and care for each other like brother and sisters.

It's already been two months since I arrived home. After my return flight, I followed protocol and self-isolated for two weeks. Stay safe everyone.

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