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I just built a new mirror-storage in aluminum

I just decided to post my latest design for our mirror storage for the kiosk. I used an aluminum frame as the structure and plated it in aluminum metal sheet to finish it off. The resulting design was quite aesthetic and durable. Beside its' modern look it is also versatile since it has different functions. The metal sheets sides can be a stand-alone design, can display photos of the models with LED backlit panels and/or can be a location to hang merchandise.

The mirrors are designed to quick disassembly. It's also easy to adjust the height of the structure by using a single bolt. I hope in the future I can come up with a new idea to make it fully electric so you can adjust by the click of a button. It's proudly handmade, it took me 3 weeks to build 2 of these structures in my own garage; one of them I use it for the trade shows and the other one is exhibited in Crossiron Mills Mall.

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